When student need school grade change, they tend to make errors by hiring someone who cannot fix their grades. This article will base on how to hack your grades on student portal with easy access to where to point on how to change your grades.

Reading the right article on changing grades can boost your knowledge and concept of what to do when you need to hack. This article will point you on how to change your grades online permanently.

how to hack your grades on student portal

How to Hack your Grades on Student Portal

A Riverside high school student could face felony charges after authorities say he tricked his teachers into revealing their computer login information to hack and change his grades on student portal to polish his own grades and worsen others.

This is how to hack blackboard with and find flaws without any troubles.

Most likely, there are questions of “can you hack with inspect element” and can it cannot be done without getting caught. Unless your university programmed their own student information system, and did it very sloppily, there will be checks and balances built into the database with more security features.

In any competently coded SIS, it will be obvious when a grade has been changed, and upon inspection, the administration will find out which account was used, what workstation that account was logged in to at that time, etc. On how to change your grades without alerting them, it’s best you hack through a hacker who has setup security exploit to bypass database firewall.

Even if you sneaked into the registrar’s office during normal business hours and found a computer that was left unlocked by someone who could legitimately change a grade, and somehow figured out the system well enough to hack your grade, and got out without getting caught.

What school portal can be hacked

Many ways to hack student portal is through admin. Database is made up of files and log and to get access you will need someone who got ahold of the sysadmin’s credentials and since they used a specific networking technology, it provided root-level access to all network shares.

This root-level gives you clearance to all database files with the ability to edit, manipulate and input data.

The local community study building was interconnected to the community school’s network for test-taking and other things but also provided an anonymous way to access the network.

The grade files were unencrypted, I was told it was easy as getting a trial version of the grade keeping software and opening the files.

Ways of changing grades on student portal

Piratically, how the student did the change sounds easy but for a professional, there are considerations on how to change grades.
What to consider when changing grades online

  1. Type of Email: Many schools use professional email host, government hosts such as gov, Edu, US and many more, this email are hosted by private service who provide LMS such as Blackboard, Canvas. They host private emails on Microsoft Mail, Google Mail, and many more. You need to understand that you don’t need use for example ken123@ gmail.com when your school admin uses ken123@riverschool. com. One look suspicious and the other is not. When you contact the victim with one mail. This is a typical example of what to use.
  2. Trail: How do you close your trail and footprint. When changing grades, consider using tools that will make you invincible on the school servers and database online. This will prove that you need came there when forensic expert needs to verify your system for proof that you had to change your grades. Consider hiding your IP and VPN won’t be of a better service.
  3. Change your own: Don’t the entire school database online when changing grades. Consider the fact that you are a student and your grades automatically change from B-C, such student will lay complains and this will kick off the investigation. You can check out how to hack grades on blackboard.


Previously, I have discussed how you need a hacker to fix your grades, and hackers close to you can help you fix your transcripts. Why do student need school grade change? well, this makes hackers for hire now popular when changing grades.

An ethical hacker (also known as a white-hat hacker) is a security professional. Ethical hackers know how to find and exploit vulnerabilities and weaknesses in various systems. Just like a malicious hacker (or a black hat hacker). In fact, they both use the same skills. However, an ethical hacker uses those skills in a legitimate, lawful manner to try to find vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities are fixed by this hackers and then before an illegal hacker can access a system.

An ethical hacker can hack through the student portal to change grades and also report to the proper authority for bounty prices. When this is reported, the proper authority fixes this error immediately.