Some people assume that all hackers have nefarious intentions, but that’s not true! Some hackers, called “white hat” hackers, hack websites to try to weed out any potential weaknesses in a company’s security systems so they can warn the company about them. Other people learn how to hack websites so they can shore up their own business’s website security and protect themselves from hackers who actually do have bad intentions. This article covers two ways you can hack a website for those who want to become a “good” hacker, plus some tips that will help set you up for success.


Executing Injection Attacks

  1. Find a vulnerable site. You will need to find a site that is vulnerable, due to an easily accessible admin login. Try searching on your favorite search engine for admin login.asp or admin login.php.
  2. Login as an admin. Type admin as the username and use one of a number of different strings as the password. These can be any one of a number of different strings but a common example is 1’or’1’=’1 or 2’=’2.
  3. Be patient. This is probably going to require a little trial and error.
  4. Access the website. Eventually, you should be able to find a string that allows you admin access to a website, assuming the website is vulnerable to attack. Then, logged in as an administrator, you can perform further actions, such as uploading a web shell to gain server-side access if you can perform a file upload.


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