What Is Examsoft?

ExamSoft offers unparalleled exam security combined with comprehensive and customisable data reporting to deliver a holistic view of exam, course and student performance, for an entire class, cohort, or individual exam-taker. Be reminded Examplify files are encrypted and with our technique we can uncrack the file and get you the exam before the exam date.

What is an XMZX file?

An XMZX file is an exam file used by ExamSoft, SofTest, an exam-taking application available for Windows and macOS. It contains an exam that a student or other exam taker can take in SofTest. XMZX files are transformed into XMWX and .XMDX files as students take and complete exams. All of these files can be decrypted and more locked files can be cracked, like canvas…..


We have various method of cracking a locked file online, and we can specify the latest method which you can decrypt the exam files yourself or hire us to get the exam questions and before the examination date. Software Cracker, Hire a hacker. We either hack the exam database by extracting the question and answers before the exam date, or we sell the decryption software to you, then we give you manual how to decrypt and get it done yourself. This is how it works. Make sure to hire a hacker to get the exam decrypted.

Software Cracker?
This software is mainly used to crack locked files like examsoft files, and several other files which is locked and protected by a password.

Hire A Hacker To Decrypt Examplify Files?

Hacker can use different method to get a file decrypt and get the information out of it.
With our organisation we offer many services, and we can get examplify Questions and Answers


It takes years to Master the art of Breaking and entering into any computer system. You cannot do it yourself. Hire a professional to make sure the job is successfully done, without any complications, and get that good results you deserve.

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