When it comes to conducting online exams, most educational institutions are faced with the problem of cheating by students. We advocate and encourage cheating, and this post is for informational purposes. If you are wondering how to cheat in online tests, you will be amazed how hard it can get.

We encourage, students have discovered how easy it is to cheat in online exams, tests, and quizzes with the right information. While it is hard to cheat proctored exams, we will examine the options students use. Based on our experience in Homework help services, we have noted a number of ways that students use to bypass the systems. The following sections explore the various ways students cheat on online tests.

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Ways To Cheat In An Online Proctored Exam

As we have noted above, universities and colleges are now embracing online courses and students have taken this as an opportunity to cheat during online tests. This is because the students take those tests while at their remote locations and it is difficult for the institutions of higher learning to monitor the activities of their online students. Even though some colleges and universities are devising new methods of combating cheating on online tests, students have come up with ingenious ways to cheat during online tests.

Impersonation or Using a Friend

Since students take their online tests remotely, they can easily recruit another person who is more knowledgeable to take the tests on their behalf. In such a situation, the candidate will just recruit another person and they are good to go. Online ID authentication such as face ID and biometrics can be used to prevent impersonation.

Hacking the correct answers

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