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How To Find A Hacker

The productivity difference between a good and a great developer is not linear, it’s exponential. Hiring well is extremely important. Unfortunately, hiring well is also very difficult. It’s hard enough to vet candidates if you are not an experienced technical manager. Add to that the salaries that news organizations can afford to pay, and you’ve got quite a challenge.

Fortunately, this means that whether you are looking to hire a hacker or looking for possible collaborations on a shoestring budget, there will more than likely be someone out there who is interested in helping you.

So how do you find them? Says Aron Pilhofer from the New York Times:

You may find that your organization already has people with all the skills you need, but they are not necessarily already in your newsroom. Wander around, visit the technology and IT departments and you are likely to strike gold. It is also important to appreciate coder culture, come across someone who has a computer that looks like the one here…

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